Sailing boats

Do you travel frequently to the sea, do you spend a lot of time abroad and would like to buy your own sailing boat? Looking for a reliable supplier of quality made sailing boats? Reach our company - producing and selling sailing boats since 1987! We are one of the most experienced Czech companies in the area.

Custom Sailing boats

Within the sale of sailing boats, we focus more on smaller types of sailing boats, which does not mean that we are unable to provide superior bigger sailing boat . We have been producing sailing boats for many years, we use the best materials, advanced technology, and therefore all the sailboats sold are original pieces in a beautiful design, excellent value for money and plenty of space. See yourself!

If you don´t find in our current offer of sailing boats for sale with suitable arrangement of the interior, which you desire, do not hesitate to contact us. We build custom sailboat.

Types of sailing boats for sell

  • Cabin sailing boats.

  • Luxury sailing boats.

  • Smaller family sailing boats.

We build sailing boats with following types of keel:

  • Sailing boats with fixed keel.

  • Sailing boats with retractable keel.

  • Sailing boats with folding keel.

In the case of our manufactured sailboats is usually about 4-10 bed cabin sailboat, with full facilities (toilet, kitchen, bed places). You will appreciate the modern interior design and luxurious appearance, although the actual cost is compared to competitive sailboat custom ships very convenient.

Choose sailing boat according to your wishes

Boats, yachts and sailing boats are sold at any stage of construction, from various parts of the skeleton laminate to complete finished sailboat with any outfit. It all depends on what form you prefer. We adapt to your requirements.

Interior of sailing boats for sale can be made in the color of maple, mahogany or Gabon. The composition of the interior can also be changed according to the specific needs and wishes.