Sailing boat A 26 - VENTO

Sailing boats Sailing boat A 26 - VENTO
A26-Vento is 4-bed, turist, cabine, laminate sailing boat. It´s build with three versions of keel:

Fixed keel is suitable for waters where is sufficient depth, and also sufficient depth in marina (offshore sailing, large and deep lakes and dams).

Retractable keel has the same properties and applications as fixed keel. Size of this keel can be reduced and thus drive the boat almost to the shore. Also transport ship with the keel is easier.

  The most supplied is folding keel. With this keel you can glide even when partially folded. Folding keel does not affect the stability of the ship.

Total length 7,55 m
Hull length 7,55 m
Waterline length 6,75 m
Total width 2,87 m
Min. draught 0,35 m
Max. draught 1,45 m
Total weight 1800 kg
Mast length 9,20 m
Mast height (from water level) 10,85 m
Genoa 11,5 m2
Jib 8,5 m2
Storm jib 5,0 m2
Main sail 14,0 m2
Spinnaker 25,0 m2
Blister 40,0 m2